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This October was very busy because we had to move. We bought a new house in September so it we had been starting to pack, but October was when things really got busy as we had to finalize the packing, close on the new house and actually move in! Plus there was Apollo’s birthday, Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en.

For Apollo’s birthday, we had our usual family gatherings and then went to Wonderland for the day with a couple of friends. It was rainy so they didn’t get to wear their costumes, but they were still able to trick or treat. We didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving this year as our house was filled with boxes and it would be difficult to prepare and have a large meal.

The closing of the house went OK, although not smoothly. I took 2 days off to see this through, but lost a day due to a banking snafu. Prior to closing, we also had to run around for last minute paperwork due to another banking issue. Not sure who to blame between the bank, our lawyer and us, because there are a lot of steps in the process and I’m not sure who is responsible for the communication.

Anyways, the house closed. We started moving some stuff over and cleaned it up. We had a week, and then moved the remainder on the last Friday of the month (furniture, books, etc). I guess by the end of the month we were setup as we had to eat, work and sleep in the new house.

We didn’t do a lot of Hallowe’en activities. Aside from Wonderland earlier in the month, we did one community trick or treat on the weekend prior and then went to an indoor party on the day of. Maybe next year we will have time to decorate our house and give out candy.

October started really busy with the continuation of our move. We installed blinds, got internet setup, and continued to buy more things. We also had to pack for our trip to NYC on Thanksgiving weekend.

After we got back from our trip, it was more buying stuff for our home. Heading to Home Depot, Canadian Tire a few times to buy or return things. Aside from that, I can’t think of much that we did. Each week, it’s a matter of getting through work and then going shopping on the weekend.

On Xbox, I finished (or at least played as much as I’m willing) Lego Rock Band and Wet. In sports, the baseball playoffs started, which isn’t noteworthy except that Roy Halliday is pitching (but not for the Jays). He even got a no-hitter! I also watched a bit of the Leafs, and they went 4-0 to start the season, before plummeting back to earth (but not the basement….yet).

The first half of September was pretty non-eventful as we were still in home purgatory. But by the middle of the month, things started moving again and we had way too much to do. Everyday there was something to do to get our new home into shape, either it was something we had to schedule and arrange with external parties, or just something we had to do ourselves. Here’s a quick list I came up with:

  • Meeting lawyers & getting keys
  • Cleaning
  • Getting appliances delivered
  • Getting windows measured, picking out blinds, getting them installed
  • Moving our belongings in
  • Getting internet setup
  • Unpacking
  • Shopping for groceries, household supplies, etc

Anyways, it was a lot of this type of stuff and no real down time. In addition to all this work, we also booked our winter and long weekend trips because prices were going up.

It also seemed to rain an unseasonably amount, although perhaps that is because I paid more attention to it as rain causes our lot to become muddy and difficult for moving. That pretty much sums up my month – not moving, not moving, moving, moving.

We finally got the keys to our new home last Friday and since then it has been a whirlwind of cleaning, moving boxes, and unpacking. Although we haven’t moved in yet so we’re just working on the boxes that we could bring ourselves. That’s already a lot!

Aside from that, it is quite difficult to get everything else setup, like curtains (we actually have neighbors now), appliances and internet. If we wait to do these things on the weekends, we wouldn’t be able to live here for a few months! So we have to do this on the weekdays, which means that I need to work from home – which is kind of difficult without internet.

To solve this, I’m ended up tethering using my phone. I switched my plan to Infinite Mobile for an extra $15 per month and I guess that will be my internet bill for the month.

August started with Nelson and Kitty‘s wedding which seemed like a heck of a long time ago! That week was pretty eventful as we also went down to Buffalo and went to a Rihanna & Ke$ha concert. The week after that, I was focused on getting rid of my Rogers phone, using up my balance, and switching to an android phone.

After that, I felt that August was lost, because our move ended up being delayed again and we had to prepare to move everything into temporary storage. For a week and a bit, it was a lot of packing afterward work, and although I guess that we would have to do that anyways, it’s not as much fun when you’re not actually moving into a new place.

In the world, there was mass flooding in Pakistan, some miners were trapped in Chile, and Chinese hostages were shot in the Philipines.

We’re moving out of our condo at the end of the month, although we’re not moving into our new home until mid-September (at the latest, hopefully) so we will really be homeless.

I’m not sad at all about leaving here. One reason is because I’m not particularly fond of Mississauga or this area, but we’ve been here two years and this was our first home together. Maybe it’s because I’ve moved so much over the last decade that where-I-live just feels like a place I can put my stuff. By my count, I’ve lived in 11 different homes over my lifetime:

  • Old house in Scarborough
  • 1st year residence (1A)
  • 1st year residence (1B)
  • 99 Churchill
  • 48 Cardill
  • with my parents at Yonge/Finch
  • That place on Lester
  • 4A workterm in the States
  • Internship in the States
  • Current condo

That’s 10 different places in the last 10 years!

This month started out with me in Atlantic City for Nelson’s bachelor party. I had planned to blog more, but there just wasn’t that much down time to sit around and tap into my phone (what with all the 4sq checking in that I had to do).

I came back to 30°C+ weather (40°C with humidex) and an AC system that was broken. It’s still broken now, although the temporary chiller is working better. The next two weeks were a rush because we had a lot of things to wrap up before moving to our new home on the 16th, such as calling Hydro, Rogers, insurance, etc. In the end, it was all for naught because we were delayed till the end of July and now into August.

Between our preparations to move and the heat, I didn’t blog a lot this month. I spent most of the evenings sitting in front of the TV and fan, but I did manage to pick up a new XBOX game in Wet.

There was a lot of sports news this month, I even wrote a separate recap blog about it! BP finally stopped the oil leak in the Gulf (I think, I haven’t been keeping track) and Starcraft2 landed (although I’m not playing it)

We were supposed to move into our new home in the middle of June, and now it’s the middle of July and we’re still living out in Mississauga. It has been delayed a couple of times, first we were notified in March that our closing date was to be moved to July. Then, only a few days before closing, we were notified again that we would have to wait until the end of July.

That was inconvenient but manageable, because we could stay at our current place until the end of July, having given notice. Although, it was undesirable because we wanted a few weeks to slowly move things into our new place. Also, because we were notified quite late in the process, under Tarion‘s rules, we were due some compensation, to the tune of $150/day. That made it worth the trouble.

But today, we were again notified that we could no longer move in at the end of the month, and had to wait until the middle of August! Now this is real trouble as we won’t have a place to stay in August. Not only are we without a home yet, we could be homeless.

After a busy February, March was not as hectic but it was still busy. Almost every weekend, we went by the builders as they were putting up our new place. We had to go through the design session where we picked the colours and materials for our kitchen, bathroom etc. The builders are working pretty quickly; by last week they already had all the floors constructed and the windows and doors put in. They wanted everyone to finish their design sessions before April because now they can start working on the interior!

With the construction progressing smoothly, that means our closing date is coming up soon! We’ve been packing gradually and accumulating boxes. To an extent that we don’t actually have much room to put boxes anymore. But because we have more than 60 days before actually closing, it is a bit of a drag because there is no rush to pack (but I don’t want to spend the last 2 weeks frantically packing).

The weekends when we weren’t doing this, we spent on vacation. We went off to Europe for almost 10 days during March Break and visited the Netherlands, Belgium and London. And in my other spare time I ended playing FF3 a lot. On my cellphone. Yes that’s right I’m that weird.

On Saturday, we hosted Iron Ring Chef at our place. Although the name is reminiscent of Iron Chef, it wasn’t really. It was more of a housewarming in disguise, although we provided food and other people brought stuff too. We waited a long time to do a house warming (3 months!) for a couple of reasons, first we didn’t really have anything to do and I didn’t want to do a DS/Tetris party.

The other aspect was seating. A few weeks back, all we had was a couch which sat 3 people, and 2 bar stools. So we could seat 5 people comfortably. Now we have 4 more dining room chairs, and we bought 2 more fold up chairs from Canadian Tire; so we were up to 11 chairs. That was still a problem because including us, there would be 19 people there. Actually with 19 people, I was afraid that some people would have to hang out in the balcony in order for there to be enough space!

Luckily, the arrivals and departures were staggered so that there was enough room. Peter, Horace and Aaron came and left early, and Norris, Janet, Leo and Adrienne went to Nuit Blanche after dinner.

Our original idea was that people could bring over stuff to cook; but logistically that would prove difficult to do. We ended up watching a few movies (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children [twice], Kung Fu Hustle, and Aeon Flux) and played Victor’s Ruk-Shuk. Goal for our next party is to have better activities.

Ah September, what a long month it was. I started it off by being a hermit since I was away vacationing for an entire month. Then I gradually fell into the pattern of going to work as Pauline’s school year started again. We also spent some time this month buying a dining table (yay for not being from Ikea), and completing our living room (well the TV wasn’t from Ikea). I emerged from my shell later in the month, and went to see Lang Lang at the TSO, the PDK Walk for Education, Teresa’s Wine & Cheese and Buffalo for Pauline’s birthday.

At work, things were busy for the first half as I picked up the work that people had been watching over for me while I was gone for the entire month. That is until my feature got deferred, again. At home, I was working through my wedding photos, then my photos from Japan, and then creating videos from Japan. I’m still writing blogs about Japan, and should be for awhile (unless I forget about it).

The big news this month was the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, bridge loan to AIG, bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, takeover of Merrill Lynch by BoA, liquidation of Washington Mutual to JP Morgan, failure of the tax payer bailout of the banks and overall market turmoil associated with these events. Whew that was a long sentence; like a train wreck of floats at the Santa Claus parade.

We’ve been assembling furniture for our new place since July. Both in the acquiring and putting together sense. We’re finally done the major pieces now, the last of which was a TV. The TV was the piece of furniture that I spent the longest time looking for, AND hardest to obtain. Which was counterintuitive because I’m not a A/V monkey and just want a reasonable TV.

I started looking for a TV in July, even before we had an entertainment stand. I surfed the forums looking for price/feature points and deals, but eventually it got too close to the honeymoon that I couldn’t pull the trigger on one and have it delivered before I disappeared. When I got back in late August, I started looking once again.

In early September, Dell had their Days of Deals and was selling a 42″ 1080p Westinghouse for $800. That’s a pretty good price so I bought one, and a 19″ LCD they had for $130. I got a CC verification call from Dell on Friday and called them back on the Monday to sort things out (since my shipping address is not the same as on file) and the support guy said it would be shipped in 6-7 business days. So I waited a few days, and decided to track my order online. Curiously, I couldn’t bring up the order page, nor had my credit card been charged.

Soon enough, my monitor arrived (no credit check on that one, why was the TV so special?) so I called in to see what was happening with my TV order. The guys from India told me that my order had been canceled! A bit odd considering I got an email saying it was confirmed, the guy verbally confirmed the shipment, and I never would have found out about the cancellation if I didn’t call in. I tried half-heartedly to get the sales guy to sell me the same TV again, but he offered me a couple of 42″ at $1400, and when I mentioned that those were a little more expensive that the one I had previously ordered, he offered me a 32″ for $699. Right.

I took the same $700 and bought from Best Buy instead. They had a sale last week on a Toshiba 42″ 720p for $749, but were unfortunately sold out country-wide. But Best Buy has a Flat-Panel In-Stock Guarantee, so the manager grudgingly wrote me a rain check valid for 30 days, while at the same time trying to relay the impression that they wouldn’t be getting any more stock. Ironically, when I showed up a day after the sale finished to claim my rain check (after checking stock online), he was the one that recognized me and told the sales associate to handle my rain check.

It’s the end of August, and I’m finally blogging about what happened in July. Oops. I hope I have a good memory? July was basically busy busy busy. The first half was filled with moving my cruft into down to my car, driving across the city, and then moving stuff up. Rinse & repeat. When I was tired of that, I went down to Ikea and moved some pieces of wood into my car, drove back home, moved it upstairs, and then constructed it. Well that’s not entirely true, I have one piece of furniture that’s not from Ikea (yay!).

That took about 2 weeks. Then I spent the next two weeks striking off the items in my wedding planning list such as mixing the music and so forth. After that, I spent the last week driving around picking up relatives and doing that family stuff. Oh yeah, I also spent 1 weekend in Montreal, another Sat night at a hotel downtown and finished up my work to hand off to some people at work since I was going on v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n!

I think that adds up to about a month, I’m don’t recall what happened in the world though.

It took two whole weeks and 3+ weekends, but I’ve finally, really, moved in/out. The last thing to move was my array of computers, which I delayed till the very last moment since I wasn’t able to setup Rogers High-speed. I called them again late on a Friday night and was able to setup internet in 5 minutes — and was online 5 minutes after that. I didn’t get 3 months free (just the $100 credit), but I was glad that I was able to set things up smoothly.

On Saturday, Pauline and I went down to Niagara Falls so that Pauline could participate in a conference. I spent my time between meals bumming around the city, which on a hot & sunny day was not too fun. I ended up at the Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens (roses were also melting from the heat), the Sir Adam Beck 2 Power Station and the Canada One outlets on Lundy’s Lane. At night, we went up to the station which shines the (coloured) lights on the Falls and changed the colours around randomly much to the chagrin of the tourists on the street.

I spent Sunday at my third places of recent memory: Dollarama, Walmart, but unfortunately not Ikea. I mentioned how Dollarama is cheap (price-wise), but not surprisingly the household items we buy from there are not designed that well. What is surprising is that when I go to Walmart and buy cheap household items, they DO seem a step-up from the products at Dollarama. I can’t believe I just said that.

This week I’ve spent something like $1500 at Ikea, and we really only have half the furniture we need. I also spent $75 at Dollarama, which is even more crazy when you think about it because that means I bought almost 70 items from the dollar store!

When I moved to Seattle, I would hit Ikea for furniture and Walmart for household items. Walmart isn’t as useful now, mostly because it’s just so busy, and I find I can get stuff for even cheaper at Dollarama! I don’t know how people were able to afford moving out back in the old days, they probably had to pay $10 soap dishes at Eaton’s!

I spent the past 4-day long weekend moving and building our new home. I didn’t move any furniture from my parents’ place so I just had to move my (packed) belongings. That also meant I didn’t need movers, so I assembled a couple car loads of stuff and drove it over to the new place.

This also meant that I had no where to put my belongings. Even though I said that I didn’t want Ikea furniture, I still don’t have any non-Ikea furniture in our home! We first went to Ikea on Sunday to buy a couple of bookcases and desks. But they didn’t have all the items we wanted (so we had to come back on Monday), and there was a huge line for delivery. We tried to load some of our purchases in the car to build that night (and then deliver the rest) and it was at this point that we realized that the desks we bought were the wrong color! Apparently they put the wrong color in the bin (although we should have been more careful in checking the SKU). Anyways, we ended up returning everything.

We went back on Monday morning, and it was a much more pleasant experience. We were able to grab (all) our items from the self-serve, pay and setup delivery in 20 minutes. So the moral of the story is to avoid Ikea on weekends.

Last week, I did a home insurance quote with my auto insurance provider since I’m about to move out. I didn’t shop around for a better rate, since I get a multi-line discount if I have my auto and home insurance with the same company (a whopping 5% off), and because it only really costs $100/yr (complete with watercraft protection yay). I did what I usually do and put in a [insurancecompany] email.

Interestingly, since then I’ve gotten two spams from rival auto insurance companies in my email saying to buy from them instead. That’s two more than I have ever received. Even more weird is that they came in on my email AND through the gmail spam filters. How is it that these auto insurance companies came to know that I was doing insurance quotes, and how did they know my other email address?

On Friday, we went to Ikea because they had a midnight madness sale between 8pm and midnight. We were looking for deals on furniture because the week before last, we had picked out and rented a condo for July 1st occupancy. Yep, that’s right, I’m (finally) moving out (again).

We actually found a place pretty quickly, although if I were to do it again, I would have started the process a little earlier. We had a neighborhood picked out and Pauline started looking at ads in early June. We picked a few promising ones, and went out early Saturday morning to view them. We ended up seeing 7 places and made were ready to make an offer on a couple of them. It’s difficult to negotiate price when the market pretty much agrees on a set price (although the savings is significant – we got $25 off which is $300 one or two gadgets a year), plus the turnaround time was frustrating. I didn’t want to have to go back and forth and have to deal with it across a week-or-two span. Luckily for us, we were able to secure the deal on our first offer.

Now, it’s a matter of moving and getting furniture. Ikea is surely a great source for affordable furniture; but I’m kind of tired of living like a student/bum, and a lot of Ikea furniture makes me feel like I’m living like a bum.