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October was a very busy but exciting month. As you might recall, I ended September with a trip to Korea for work. When October started, I flew out again along with the rest of our family to Japan for vacation. This meant that I had a ping pong trip where I was in Asia, back home for two days, then in Asia again (well I didn’t plan it that way, but when we booked vacation I didn’t know I had to goto Korea yet).

Our trip to Japan was our big family vacation for this year. Fortunately we didn’t have to take our vacation in the summer this year, and could choose a more convenient time to go. We decided to go and celebrate Apollo’s birthday abroad in addition to our vacation – and ended up at Disneyland on the actual day (we had planned to go a day earlier, but rain forced us to delay it). We also did lots of Japan-y stuff that you might expect, and introduced all 3 kids to the culture (previously, only Apollo had been there).

After we came back. I had a few more days, and then flew out to San Francisco for a conference. Counting from September, I was basically away from home for 4 weeks. After that trip, I finally had some time at home but it wasn’t very calm because we basically had to catch up and plan for everything that we couldn’t do while we were traveling. Most importantly, Hallowe’en was quickly approaching.

We missed one weekend which had a lot of Hallowe’en stuff, and was only able to do some things on the last weekend of October. We wanted to go to Camp Spooky at Wonderland, but the day we planned to go ended up being rained out, and we went to Brick Or Treat at Legoland instead (wasn’t overly decorated for Hallowe’en). That meant our Wonderland seasons pass expired with a whimper (we didn’t use it past August) but we ended up buying a Legoland pass for the next year. At the end of the month, we had five memberships going on at the same time – that seems like a bit too much!

Oops, it’s now well into November and I just remembered that I didn’t post a recap for October! Well here’s my recollection (which to be honest isn’t much different than trying to remember what we did in the month during the last week of the month).

I felt that this October was cold and the kids were in a flux of trying to wear their fall jackets, but layering a sweater under. Eventually halfway through the month, I gave up and just brought out their winter jackets. Luckily, the one weekend/day that we had to spend some time outside was decently warm – I’m talking about Hallowe’en of course. They were able to wear a sweater under their costumes and run around!

This year, we didn’t go to as many Hallowe’en events as before. Apollo was a lion (again) and Superman and Jovian was Elmo and a snowman. They both had a couple of other costumes which they didn’t get a chance to wear. Apollo is at an age where he enjoys Hallowe’en, but Jovian is scared of all things (skeletons, Frankenstein, spiders, witches, etc)

While looking around for Hallowe’en stuff in early October, I noticed they already had Christmas stuff in the stores! That’s pretty early – I wish we could be all prepared for Christmas already, but that’s still 2 months away.

We didn’t get Fall this year as we basically jumped from Summer to Winter in October. Days are in the 10°C range and there was frost on some nights. The heat had to come on so there was no time to open the windows. We want to some farms for some fall activities and some of the farms lost their PYO crops due to the frost!

There was a bunch of interesting news this month. The municipal election concluded this month and Toronto has a new mayor in John Tory, who beat out Doug Ford (who had to step in to replace incumbent Rob Ford after he had to pull out due to cancer treatment). It sounds like city politics will be a lot more boring in the next 4 years. The CBC sacked Jian Ghomeshi who fired back with a lawsuit, which resulted in a number of women raising abuse complaints against him. It sounds like he was prepared for this though as his lawyers and PR firm were right on it (although he was later dropped). The SF Giants won the World Series for the 3rd time in 5 years, but I think the larger story was the wildcard run of the Kansas City Royals. Unfortunately, they were not able to win it all.

Apollo grew a bit too much in the last year so some of the costumes we tried on last year that were “too big” didn’t fit him this year. Instead, we had to go buy a couple of new costumes for his Hallowe’en engagements. We also had to buy a couple for Jovian since he’s too small to fit in Apollo’s costumes from last year.

It was also Apollo’s birthday this month and he enjoyed eating cake unlike his first year’s birthday.