Over the last little while, I’ve finally bought a dSLR that I have techlusted for. I say over the last little while because it has taken a bit of time to assemble it.

There wasn’t any urgency in me getting one, so I set myself some budget constraints. I was looking for a used (black) Canon Rebel XT kit at $700 or a used Nikon D50 kit for $500. Those were I think fair guidelines because the XT new is about $900 and the D50 new is almost $800 thanks to taxes. Last week, I bought a D50 body and an extra battery for $400.

Next, I needed a lens. There were several people selling used D50 kit lenses. I’m not sure if there really is a market for this lens since it is the cheapest Nikon-made lens. I was able to negotiate a bit and bought one for $120. So that put me at $520 for a used D50 kit plus an extra battery. That’s about right for my budget, considering batteries are going for about $40. Although I’m not even sure I would need one since you’re supposed to get 2000 shots on one battery.

I think I got a good deal, even though there are rumors that Nikon will announce the D60 at the end of the week in time for the holiday season. I wouldn’t be able to get a D60 for the same price, which when you think about it, is about the same price I paid for my very first point-and-shoot digicam!