I’ve decided that the next lens I’m going to buy is the Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM (DC = digital only, HSM = silent motor/manual focus override). I know that I should not be focusing on the hardware, but actually going outside to take pictures, but it’s winter-cold and I’m lazy. But hey, this post isn’t about that.

This lens isn’t cheap, it retails at $700CDN + tax which is almost $800; that’s about the price of all my Nikon gear combined. Although, with the student discount at Henry’s, I can get it for about $600CDN pre-tax. That’s the price you pay for wide-angle on dSLRs, but I think wide angle is a necessity for landscape and other tight urban shots; I wouldn’t want to go on vacation with my kit lens.

I’m also not enthusiastic that it is rather slow. There are competitors that build ultra-wide lenses with a fixed f/4 aperture, but they are usually in the 12-24mm range. Apparently the extra 2mm is supposed to make a significant difference. But, it’s not as if I can afford the other options, the Nikon 12-24mm f/4 is twice the cost!