Lately, I’ve gotten in the habit of leaving my phone at home or in my bag. Not that I don’t want it with me, it’s just that I have a scarcity of pockets and between my camera and my iPod, the phone was out of room.

I know a perfect solution for this, and that is to have an mp3 player on my cellphone. Some where I could pop in a SD card for 1 gig of music (i.e. smartphone, definitely not ROKR). I don’t really care about the intuitive UI of the iPod because I only need shuffling and playing; I don’t browse through my music on-the-go. Of course, the one drawback to this, and a major obstacle, is that my music listening wouldn’t revolve around iTunes anymore and I wouldn’t be able to track my listening habits (I know, I’m anal).

This would also solve my problem of a small mp3 player.