Yesterday I went to a talk by Mike Lazaridis, co-CEO of RIM and chancellor of UW. The topic of the talk was supposedly the future of communications and while he alluded to the fact that he would at some point answer this question, the 300 or so people that were there learned a lot about how RIM’s work environment is top notch and how it would be a great place to work.

That’s the problem with the top brass, they can pretty much talk about anything and the drones below them will listen to whatever they say.

I was also luckly enough to get invited to a talk that Bill Gates is giving to 700 or so students next week (he works at a company that is slightly larger than RIM). While I was pretty lucky to receive the invite (I think it’s something like 100 engineers, the equivalent number from CS and then random people I don’t know about), I’m not really that excited to go. I’m sure he will use it as a platform to convince people to work at Microsoft or some other agenda that he has (engineering good, arts bad).