Reasons why convocation at the University of Waterloo sucks:

  • Convocation is held in the gym
  • Attendees sit on sports bleachers
  • Sound system is smaller than the ones at Fed Hall
  • Guest speaker speaks about his life, and how he was told that technology would be a dead end. I guess his experiences are relevant to us because we chose to go to a technological school?
  • Numerous reminders to donate to the school. Please donate!
  • Valedictorian speech presented by a guy whose class represents 2% of the graduates
  • Today is your special day, it is also the special day for 800 other people like you
  • “Walking” is like going thru a assembly line. Fitting actually.
  • Going outside to take pictures with a beautiful backdrop of a gym
  • Cloudy, grey (raining) skies of Waterloo
  • Getting ripped off one last time by the University.

Well at least now i can wear my Glad To Be A Grad sticker.