for quite awhile, i haven’t been really anxious to play any games. it may be that i’ve reached that stage of life where i don’t play games anymore or that there just aren’t any good games to play, i suspect the latter. every game it seems is the same as ten other ones but with different characters and plots. then when you’re done with those, the next year they release the same game with get this — better graphics. the real important element, gameplay is hardly ever improved or changed. it’s not just me, the gaming industry realizes this too, but the inertia of profit is too great for any change to occur.

instead, i’ve been reduced to playing ingenuitive, original, and best of all fun games. they don’t come very often and when they do, are generally from japan. that’s why i like the dreamcast so much; sega was willing to take the risks and bring those games to north america. on the other hand, i don’t think the future is too bright with xbox trying to control the american market and homogenizing gaming culture the same way that music and movies are already. maybe i should be thankful that i’m getting too old to play games.