Orange is a Japanese film and I guess the title of the film is something in lost in translation. It is a story about a 16 year old girl who discovers a letter from her 26 year old self. In the letter it describes what will happen with a new boy in school and the regret that she feels.

I’m a sucker for letter-from-the-future stories because it would be awesome to know how to live your life by making the correct decisions. Unfortunately, we won’t know if our decisions are correct without hindsight; something that an older version of you can provide. What complicates this movie is that the protagonist is a teenager so even if she knows what is the right thing to do, and wants to do it; she may not have the self esteem to carry it out.

I thought the actors portrayed the awkwardness of being a teen really well. Furthermore, the plot jumps between the past and “present day” (ten years in the future) and that adds further twists to the how the events played out, and how the older girl wants them to play out.

What was odd was the title. I think they referred to orange as the color the cherry blossoms made when they fell from the trees – which was also the time the future letter appeared. Seems like a weird thing to pick on to title the film. In any case, this was an enjoyable movie to watch and it gets 3 out of 5 stars.