After playing Star Trek Timelines for a little bit, it became apparent that levelling (maxing) out characters would be a good approach. By maxing your characters, you do better at shuttle missions, which allow you to level your other characters faster. So I proceeded to pick certain characters to max as follows (based on fading recollections):

  • February: Wesley Crusher, Security Chief Tuvok
  • March: Captain Janeway, Commando Crusher, Cretak (stalled at level 80)
  • April: Captain Proton (progressed very slow due to equipment requirements), Rifle Janeway, Miles ‘Smiley’ O’Brien, 1701 Dax, Prisoner ‘Bones’ McCoy
  • May: Fencing Sulu, Sela, Worf (stalled at 90), Reyga, Khan, Mobile Doctor (stalled at 80)
  • June: Khan, Tuvix, Mirror Uhura, Worf (2-star & stalled at 90), Picard (2-star), Garek, Ensign Seska

I guess I want to get to a point where all my characters are max level – I’m not buying premium packs, so I can only get new characters from portal pulls (daily rewards/events), credits (although they give two stars which are easier to level, and I’m throwing out ones that aren’t needed for Cadet Challenges), or events. I’m also not level any 3 star character that is not fully fused. Hopefully I’m over the hump and can level characters faster than I attain them.