I finally watched Skyfall after not being able on my Korea trip a month back, but I didn’t plan it – like Zootopia, it wasn’t on the website but it was available as VOD. Skyfall was the Bond film I wanted to watch instead of Spectre but it turns out that I enjoyed Spectre a lot more than Skyfall.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with Skyfall, but it was just not as good as Spectre from the very first sequence (the Spectre’s Day of the Dead opening sequence is great). Overall, I found Skyfall’s pacing to be just too slow – it didn’t feel like a lot of action when you’re sieging a house. Also that’s 2 movies in a row which talked about how Bond’s career/MI6 is over, hopefully they will think of a new theme for the next one.

It wasn’t a bad Bond film, just not as good as Spectre. This one also gets a 3 out of 5 stars.