I think I missed a few Bourne movies in the middle because this is the fourth one. In this one, Bourne takes a nod from Spectre and revisits his past – although now that I think about it, I think all of his movies have something to do with his past, and finding out who he is, and why he is an agent. Well, this one is no different and looks at the role his father played.

I get the plot and there are a lot of action scenes that push the Jason Bourne ahead, but nothing is new or overly different between this movie and any other action blockbuster. The exception might be an up and coming CIA analyst (well she is already pretty senior, unless you compare her to the director) who plays a political game for her own gain. She is the Julia Stiles 2.0 in the Bourne movies so I guess we will see more of her (although unlike Bond movies, these happen in sequential time order so at some point Bourne might just die of old age).

The comparisons to Bond are many, but I just don’t feel the excitement, style or mystique in the Bourne series as I do the Bond ones. This is just your average summer blockbuster, so a 3 out of 5 star rating.