Deadpool was the movie I most wanted to watch on my flight out to Korea because there was a lot of hype surrounding it when it was in theaters. I know about Deadpool and his reputation, but I had never followed his series so I didn’t know his backstory & etc. I can’t remark on how faithful it adheres to his canon but the other Marvel universe cameos were only OK, and not cool! moments (X-Men, SHIELD Helicarrier).

I didn’t think that Deadpool was worthy of the praise. The breaking of the 4th wall was not too useful (and I think this is probably something he does in the comics?) It was rated R because there was definitely a lot of (gratuitous) blood, but I don’t think that added to the movie. The plot was interleaving, but still straightforward because there wasn’t a lot of substance to it, and the X-Men inclusion seemed forced (doesn’t help that these are B and C-list X-Men). If you’re fine with impossibly accurate shooting from the heroes and horrible aim from the bad guys, then this is a great movie. For me, I rate this movie as a 3 out of 5 because while there are a lot of bad points, it is a (perhaps non-typical but) enjoyable summer blockbuster movie.