I popped in my DVD of Captivity and watched it earlier this week. It was one of the movies from the summer which I didn’t think was worth it to see in theatres (and I was right!). Captivity revolves around a kidnapped celebrity (Elisha Cuthbert) and subsequent torture.

The movie jumped right in, with Cuthbert appearing in what seemed like an abandoned warehouse. For the first half hour, she endured, in typical blonde celebrity manner, various PG mental and physical tortures and I thought that it was going to be very short movie! Fortunately there is a fairly interesting plot twist halfway through which moves the plot along.

The problem with Captivity was that the plot was horribly bad. Not in the sense of “Wow I can’t believe that would happen” but more in the “Why I am being shown this” bad. There is a sub-plot which shows life on the outside, and the search for Cuthbert, but it adds no value to the plot. But I guess they had to get the movie to 90 minutes somehow. There was a plot device that FORCED Cuthbert to change wardrobes 4 times, which I suppose adds value, but I’m not sure why it’s necessary. Secondly, I don’t see how it qualified for a R-rating. There was no excess blood, violence, nudity, or language. It wasn’t scary, it wasn’t even tense! I’m glad I didn’t watch this 2.5/5 movie in theatres.