On my outgoing AC flight to SFO, the headphone jack on my seat was broken (I think someone snapped their plug off in the jack) so I was kind of stuck in terms of what entertainment to keep me occupied (the power outlet was also broken but forunately I brought my e-reader and iPod). Since I couldn’t get any sound, I ended up watching a Chinese movie with subtitles.

Monster Hunt is a strange movie, but it was a huge hit in China. It’s a comedic period piece set in the Kung Fu days but the interesting thing is that it is a real-time mix of CG and actors (all the monsters are CG). The story is that humans defeated monsters long ago and now the monsters have to wear human skins so they don’t get caught. Of course, there is a coup in the monster world and the old dynasty’s scion is about to be born or killed. So a band of unlikely partners have to protect him while the villains try and kill him.

The movie has the usual over-the-top Kung Fu fighting, lame Chinese romance/comedy and a unlikely mom storyline. It’s definitely not going to win any awards but the CG didn’t hamper the movie and it is kind of fun to watch. I’d give it three out of five stars.