Of all the Toronto teams that can win a championship, the one I care the least about would be the Toronto Argos. Yet here we are in a year where there’s no hockey for the forseeable future, a Raptors team that still sucks, a promising but very far away Blue Jays season, a Grey Cup being held in Toronto, and the Argos hoping to win it all at home – that’s way too many reasons why I should start liking the Argos!

But, I still don’t care about the Argos, CFL or football in Canada. Although I don’t enjoy football in general, you would think I would jump on the bandwagon of the home town after hearing about all the festivities and events around the city this week. Nope, still don’t care!

I think the reason I’m not a bandwagon jumper in this case is because it doesn’t mean much if Toronto has the best football team in *Canada*. It already has a lot of things that are better than any other place in Canada, so it’s not a big deal if the football team is (or isn’t).