On our flight back, I didn’t sleep much because the flight was in the day, so I ended up watching the A-Team. I don’t know much about the A-Team because I didn’t watch it in the 80s, so all I knew was that the A-Team was supposed to kick ass!

The movie is a ridiculous but fun summer blockbusters. They did some fancy maneuvers with various army vehicles that make no sense but are cool to see. The story kind of makes sense, but again it’s an action movie so I don’t expect too much out of the plot.

What I had problems with were the characters. I guess the script writers were assuming that people who watched this movie were familiar with the A-Team because I don’t think they spent a lot of time describing why the characters are the way they are. These are supposed to be larger-than-life characters, but there is no backstory. They just appeared and have skills x,y,z (+kick ass). Why do they kick ass? Other action stories (i.e., comic book translations) spend time to describe how a character got their powers, so now I expect the same from non-graphic novel based action movies.

It still gets 3 out of 5 stars because it’s fun and brainless to watch.