I went to Dollarama early this month and bought…a couple of XBOX360 games! Yeah that’s pretty crazy, and they were a luxury item – I had to pay $2 for each. The games that I bought were Sneak King and some dirt bike racing game (haven’t tried it yet). They are both games that you previously were able to get at Burger King for 0.99¢ as part of a promotion, so i guess I paid a premium for these rare and collectible games on the secondary market.

Sneak King has been reviewed and universally panned as one of the worse Xbox360 games of all time, although it doesn’t do too bad on Metacritic (54 and 4.7 user score). It involves you being the burger Sneak King and you have to use stealth to surprise various people with coffee, french fries, whoppers and other Burger King items. There are 4 different settings and 20 missions in each, so a healthy amount of gameplay if you don’t get bored with it.

It has problems, the gameplay is not entirely inventive. Actually it gets quite repetitive after awhile. The look controls are reverse of what you would expect, and the graphics seem XBOX-esque (and there is a XBOX version of the game on the disc too). But you know what, it’s actually fun to play!

I think the reason is because there are a lot of reward opportunities, and they consistently come (rather than getting exponentially longer). You can keep delivering surprising food to hungry people and they will always be happy! This scope of this game is more inline with the Doritos-sponsored games (and I would like it even more if I could have it on my HD) but I think the simplicity works for it. There’s no pressure of trying to figure out some weird puzzle to unlock the next stage. So while this is someone’s trash for $2, I think it’s almost a treasure for me (at least until I get 150GS – I think the last 50GS achievement is too tedious)