Microsoft started working on an online version of the British game 1 vs 100 for the Xbox last year. It’s a push in the casual gamer direction for the Xbox since this is just a general trivia game you can play with four friends locally or online. Aside from the peer competition, there is an competition against the score in order to be part of the prestigious mob (100 people out of 1000s) or the One!

I played for a bit in its (beta) first season. It was fun for a few hours, but eventually trivia gets boring. Last weekend, there was a season two preview (still beta) which I tried; they updated the graphics and UI as well as added a leveling system for score – all welcome additions. All of that is mildly interesting, but the not worthy of a blog; the reason I bring this game up is because I made it into the mob!

It happened a bit weirdly. The round before I was head-to-head with another person in my 4-person group. We both had a great round (lots of instant answers and perfect streak) and she was in the top 10 due to a slightly faster instant answer response time. But both her and the One got a question wrong (while I was correct) and the round ended since the One lost. The statistics went up and even though my score was the highest, I was 2nd in our group and didn’t get a top 10 medal (but my group mate did). The next round loaded, and I thought it messed up since my name didn’t load properly, but it turns out I was in the mob!

I did great in the mob, the round lasted 6 questions and most of the questions were focused around Ontario. The One screwed up a question asking which time zone Yellowknife, Northwest Territories is in. The One and some of my groupmates answered Pacific, but I guess they were confused with Whitehorse, Yukon. I answered Moutain because I had the impression that it is north of Manitoba, which its not, but that’s ok because I was still correct!

I ended up “winning” 160 MS Points and a Xbox Live Arcade Game. I put win in brackets though because since this was a preview, they weren’t awarding any prizes. Unfortunate, since I don’t think I’ll ever make it into the mob again in a real game!