I’ve had a Flickr account for-ever. I got mine pretty early – at least early enough to secure the three letter username k3v. For awhile, it was the biggest photo sharing site in the world, now I think Facebook has taken over that title. I used to upload photos on there but I haven’t done so since January of this year – 7 months ago. Why has Flickr fallen out of favour?

The simple argument is that Facebook, and its ability to tag photos against your social network took over. That’s one innovation Facebook has given us, and it surely is a reason; but it’s only an argument for “social” pictures. The Art of Photography doesn’t have a place on Facebook.

Perhaps Flickr is still going strong, and it’s just my perception of it that has faltered. Indeed, it never took off with you guys; my friends on the web. And I had only used it as a source to link my blog entry pictures against. Now that I’ve shifted to a banner-type approach for my pictures, I don’t have much use for Flickr.

But my dark horse in this argument is that I never really liked the way Flickr handled a photo collection. The navigation is clumsy when I want a quick thumbnail view of all the photographs I took – rather than a means to share and discuss photography. I was on the Flickr bandwagon because it was popular and hip – not because it was better. Now that it’s lost its cool, it’s also lost my attention.