In Western culture, we are used to and desensitized to the scandel and train wreck in the lives of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears, Tara Reid, well I could go on and on — you get the picture. I have my feet in both Western and Chinese cultures (although my weight is balanced on the Western side) so it is interesting to see how Chinese celebs never end up in these type of situations, or at least so far down the dark alley.

Which is why I find the current HK scandel so immensely fascinating. Late last month, photos of several HK stars (Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan) in compromising positions started appearing on the net. Of the three, I’m only familiar with Cecilia Cheung who I thought was cute and have a few movies of (of the PG kind of course). Apparently Gillian is one-half of the Canto-pop group Twins who herself was the victim of a pinhole camera back in 2006, did a Hillary and caused an event.

What seems to have happened in this case is that Edison Chen, another HK celeb, took his computer with these illicit pictures in for servicing, and the servicing staff copied off the incriminating photos. The photos have been released gradually over the last week until the cops triumphantly announced that they had arrested the individuals involved several days ago.

But new photos have continued to appear and this saga appears to be ongoing and not resolved. I won’t link or post any of the pictures, but they are fairly easy to find on the net and are most certainly not safe for work. I would say this scandel is on the level of the Paris Hilton sex tape, if not bigger because these type of scandels are unheard of!