I was in Waterloo yesterday to take part in my Convocation (diary entry forthcoming) and I was quite surprised to see gas at 94.4¢/L. Before I left to return to Waterloo, I filled up my tank at 94.3¢/L (yes it inexplicably fell 0.1¢ over the course of a day). It wasn’t a one station sale either, because the station itself wasn’t very busy and I saw other gas stations in the 96¢/L range (I think the one at Weber/Bridgeport was cheaper because it didn’t have any express pay options).

When I got back to Toronto, I checked out the gas prices and it was selling at 104.5¢/L, a full 10.2¢ higher than Waterloo! Based on my single data point, I conclude that there is a gas cartel at work in Toronto.