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My friend posted this link about why Gen Y-ers don’t actually have it that bad. A lot of it is good advice and what not, but here’s the paragraph that really resonated with me:

Finally, I want to call out a bit of laziness. This is hard to swallow, but the people who will get their dream jobs are already doing their dream jobs before they get hired. You wanna be an accountant? Start doing your friends’ taxes. You wanna work in an ad agency? Make spec ads for your friends’ and family’s small businesses. Wanna be a journalist? Start making YouTube videos. Mechanic? Fix some cars. Teacher? Tutor poor kids. Yeah, you gotta make money. So sling coffee. And be darn well passionate about it. Find a coffee shop you love and pitch yourself to them, so you can make a few bucks an hour to support your weekends of doing your dream job for free. That’s how economies work. People do things. Real things in the real world with grease and sweat and moving parts and grit. Your credentials are theory. Familiarize yourself with the concept “necessary but not sufficient.” The suit does not make the (wo)man.

A lot of people attribute my class cohort’s success to the coop program at Waterloo. That may or may not be true; but for me, I know I have been doing what I do in my day job since I was an teenager.

Ever since I have had an access to a computer, I wanted to build and create stuff – whether it’s webpages, or games. Building mobile apps and getting paid for it is just a way to support what I enjoyed doing as a kid.

You may not always be able to end up supporting yourself by doing something you enjoy, but if you start early and build up skills & experience around it, you are more likely to get there.

I spent some time this weekend on my new year resolution of divesting myself of stuff. Believe it or not, there are still boxes in the corner of my room that I brought back from Waterloo almost two years ago! So I was able to make some progress by throwing away that junk.

But the bulk of the work involved archiving some of my belongings and preparing (boxing) some other stuff since I am going to move out soon. Just like the clothes I threw out, I have a lot of random knick-knacks with sentimental memories that I keep around. But these things aren’t thrown out, and live packed in boxes which I guess I will pile up in my parents’ attic when I move (although they don’t have an attic).

I archive a lot of stuff in boxes, and blame my anti-pack rat characteristics on my Waterloo days; I only packed the things that I needed in my 4 month stay, so no CDs, and only some clothes etc. I’m still thinking with this suitcase+ mentality and want only move my computer. I have to get into the mindset that everything has to move and that I’m actually leaving the nest for good.

I was in Waterloo yesterday to take part in my Convocation (diary entry forthcoming) and I was quite surprised to see gas at 94.4¢/L. Before I left to return to Waterloo, I filled up my tank at 94.3¢/L (yes it inexplicably fell 0.1¢ over the course of a day). It wasn’t a one station sale either, because the station itself wasn’t very busy and I saw other gas stations in the 96¢/L range (I think the one at Weber/Bridgeport was cheaper because it didn’t have any express pay options).

When I got back to Toronto, I checked out the gas prices and it was selling at 104.5¢/L, a full 10.2¢ higher than Waterloo! Based on my single data point, I conclude that there is a gas cartel at work in Toronto.

Kenny tells me about a new service for those in Waterloo and Guelph which allows them to call the GTA for free. The catch is that you have to listen to an annoying ad beforehand, and you only get to use it until the end of the year. Presumably they hope it will work like crack. Anyways, the # is (519) 658-5488.

The offramp from the 401 that leads you to Waterloo is like an invisible barrier; once you pass through it, it’s as if you’re entered a self contained region that is split off from the rest of the world.

Whenever I’m living in Waterloo, for some reason or another I lose all connection with the world out there. It’s happened again this term, I haven’t gotten any new music (spinning section is soo old), no news, no blogging, no idea what movies are playing, the hockey season is starting this week wtf? It’s not like I don’t have access to the internet or that I’m overburdened with work. It’s just some weird behavioural and environmental effect of breathing manure infested air i suppose.

i can’t find my honeywell wind tunnel fan. that’s big trouble for the summer cuz it’s gonna be hot and that particular fan is great. i guess i’ll have to shell out some mooola to buy a new one since i’m too lazy to dig around in boxes to find it although i could swear i put it aside so that i could find it when i needed it.

it might be the lake effect, but the weather in waterloo is much colder than it is in toronto. in toronto, you don’t have to wear a touque or gloves or anything, and you can walk around for awhile without any adverse effects, but here in ‘loo you can’t last two minutes outside like that; a warm day here is a really cold day in toronto. it may seem like i’m blogging hyperbole, but it’s true! and we really do have to walk uphill to school, both ways.

another crappy thing is how my schedule worked out this term. for the first 3 and a half years, i always had 8:30 class which left lots of time to slack and do whatever after class. now all my classes start at 1:30 which may seem like a blessing but it’s not really. there’s not enough time in the morning to fit in the necessary procrastination time and get work done. then after class, at like 6 i’m too tired to do work, then there’s dinner and more procrastination time and it’s time for bed. plus i have two night classes in the week. so basically no time for work. now i know how those crazy u of t students with their 3 hour commutes feel.

oh and we got a bird (sparrow?) trapped in our house; i had a wtf moment when i came downstairs to see it flying around our kitchen leaving its poop everywhere. then i called my roommate down and he experienced the same thing. anyways, that was pretty cool and the highlight of my day.

man…it CONSTANTLY snows in waterloo…or at least whenever i have to walk outside between classes or anything…at least the snow isn’t really staying on the ground…it’s all wet snow and everything