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We tried to front load as much of our Christmas shopping as possible in November. Two reasons for this, the first being that I expect we would be busy with random holiday events during December and I would rather not have to think about when/where to buy Christmas presents. The second reason was that we didn’t play to do Black Friday shopping this year so we didn’t get an opportunity to spend focused time buying for people. I think we did pretty well in this task, even if we didn’t buy presents for everyone on our list, we at least figured out what they would be getting so December should be filled with surgical online or B&M shopping.

Instead of going on our usual Grove City trip over American Thanksgiving (we went the last 2 years), we decided to head over to Washington DC with the kids. This was our first time flying over this holiday and I guess we were kind of lucky because we were going to/from Canada. There were still a lot of flight delays and people though.

The trip itself was partially good and partially not so fun. We went to a bunch of the museums, and spent a night at a resort at the National Harbor where it was all decorated for Christmas. That was a bit odd because the day before, we were out without coats walking in the National Mall. Overall it was a nice break with the kids.

Toronto had a mini “Indian Summer” this month as well, with temperatures in the teens for a couple of days. Otherwise, Mother Nature has been gearing up for winter with a couple of snow falls (no accumulation) and temperatures around freezing. It might not look like Christmas here but it’s starting to feel like it.

j_____’s bday bash a couple of days ago. for once i wasn’t camera happy and didn’t take a ton of pictures. why? because everyone else was. here are some pics by zmp and josemephine (who needs a better title for her blog).

xmas shopping done in 2 days this year yay! maybe i should leave things until the last minute since it seems to work out better that way. oh btw did i ever mention i hate xmas. oh and i saw dollarama selling valentine’s day stuff before christmas day (and no, i wasn’t there to do xmas shopping).

went down to the labrynith lounge tonight with some of my high school buddies. why? because an alumni of our high school dj’s there on thursday nights. anyways check it out because drinks are $2.50! except don’t get a pint of stella like me cuz it was like $7! anyways by coincidence i ran into my roommate ragu and his gf on the bus ride home, apparently he reads my blog so hi ragu.