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I’m a late adopter to OTT video (still no Netflix account & etc) and it has only been recently that I started using the CBC app to watch shows on my TV. And soon after I started, it went through a rebranding to be called Gem.

Now Gem is a weird name for video streaming, but I can understand why they might want to call it that. Gem makes it seem like the service is rare and valuable; plus it is quick to say. But I just can’t relate to it well.

Nevertheless, it is decent and useful. There is a lot of content and I wish there was some way to favorite so that I could build up a playlist and come back to it later. Best thing is that it’s free (although I suppose I pay taxes).

Sometimes we get lazy after watching Jeopardy and keep the TV on CBC and the Rick Mercer Report comes on. Rick Mercer, the star of the show, actually has a really great job. He gets to be a celebrity, although only maybe F or G-list (B-list in Canada though) and he spends his time travelling around and doing wicked, interesting things. I’ve seen him take rides in air show planes, be a lumberjack, etc. Things that normal people wouldn’t have access to, but might if you were rich – except he gets paid to do it! Even though he is pretty much restricted to places and activities within Canada, I think that’s still pretty awesome in my book.