i’m don’t generally follow politics, but one would be hard pressed to avoid hearing about the election that just passed. everytime you turn on a tv, read a newspaper, browse to a web site, or glance at a magazine cover, you would see something about the election; invariably to vote for kerry. even when i’m walking around seattle or going to events, i would be harrassed to register to vote. it was insane, and much more in your face than those people who come to your door asking you to register in canada.

in the end, i’m am disappointed at the results of the election. it’s very surprising, because from my exposure to the media both mainstream and (but mostly) on the net, it seemed that kerry voters out-numbered bush voters 9-1. so how come bush won? well i guess the web sites that i read tend to have people who are rich enough to afford a computer+internet, or work in an office that does; basically people who are living in 2004 and not 1900s. it’s interesting to see that the areas that voted for kerry, the east coast, west coast and areas near the great lakes are more progressive as they are metropolitan areas (you know, more exposure to unmoral values like gay marriage and abortion), whereas bush basically won the rest. the results are even more striking when you look at this map which details who voted for who broken down by county. if the election were to be decided by land area, dubya would have won very easily.

so the question is how do similar minded people who are not happy living under the bush dynasty deal with the future? well one take on this is to immigrate to canada. well, rather than bringing to fifty or so million people to canada, why not change the borders. i think this is a good idea:

canada 2.0
(shamelessly stolen from somewhere)