I found this Japanese movie under “New Releases” and misunderstood the summary and ended up watching it. What I thought I would be getting into was a movie where they pluck a teenager from our era and drop him into historical Japan, where he happens to be a doppelganger of a warlord who is attempting to unite Japan. I thought the movie would be about how he adapts to historical times and convinces rival warlords to his cause.

It turns out that Nobunaga Concerto is actually based on a manga and the above plot is completed in a summary in a quick 5 minute introduction to the premise. I suppose the movie is based on some of the later books in the manga. Anyways, it turns out that this movie is about how his fellow warlords plot to kill him. That was not nearly as interesting to me.

The movie played out like a live action manga. There were lots of weird exclamations and scenes where the character would make faces with ominous music in the background. Actually, it was a lot like a Bollywood movie in that respect. Both the premise and plot are a bit crazy and intended to be a light-hearted fantasy. I was my mistake to try and watch this movie, but it still doesn’t make it any better. Two out of five stars for this concerto.