September was tough. Just like last September, we had to start a new routine as a new school year started. Apollo went to a new school with a new schedule (5 days a week this time) and Jovian continued his daycare routine from August (also 5 days a week). Both kids are gone 5 days a week because Pauline is back at work now which means there’s less flexibility in the time. We also have a number of weekday evening programs and weekend programs (weekend programs aren’t that big of a deal yet). The time compression is the largest hurdle to overcome and I don’t think we’re settled in a routine yet – every day feels different, which is what is making it tough.

To make matters worse, I was gone for a week in September on a trip to Korea – meaning we had to involve the grandparents for school pickup/drop off. Oh and to make matters worse x 2, Jovian was hospitalized for a couple of nights before my trip so even if we had some semblance of routine, that got completely blow up in the middle of the month. Hopefully we can settle down in October!

The weather got cold quickly, and it’s actually in this inconvenient state where it is too cold for fall jackets (i.e., windbreakers) in the morning (for the kids) but not cold enough to actually wear winter-ish jackets. The AC was still running in our house most of the month though, but we finally switched to windows by the end of the month. I have a feeling that we’re not going to have many days of window weather this fall.