When Hearthstone formats were announced, I went ahead and spent all my gold on GvG packs. I’m sure that a lot of people will think that that is a bad idea, but I’m a collector so I wanted to roll the RNG dice and get as many epic and legendary cards as I could using gold. I’ve done that for a few weeks and TBH, the results are a bit underwhelming. I’ve only opened 1 legendary (Sneed’s) and a 3 Epics (I did fill out my collection a bit more so I have 2 copies of each common and 78% of rares).

Now that Whispers of the Old Gods has been announced, and I’m starting to read about the upcoming cards, it’s becoming very difficult to spend my gold on GvG packs. I will probably just save gold for a month and then buy a bunch of packs from the new expansion.

But this puts TGT in a weird spot. I’m not going to spend gold on it for the next few months (since I’ll concentrate on the new set) and I’m not sure when I’ll get back to it. My stats are actually not that far away from GvG (I have 58% of TGT vs 61% of GvG); mostly because I stopped farming for gold at some point in GvG’s release cycle (before TGT came out) and only played enough to get the monthly card back. Maybe I’ll buy a few more cards for TGT (although it’s going to be deprecated like GvG not too far in the future) when I start getting a lot of repeats in Whispers of the Old Gods packs.