This winter was supposed to be light because of El Niño and January was half like that. There was very little snow, and when it did snow, it was followed by a day of warm temperatures and the accumulation melted away. One reason for the lack of snow might be El Niño, but another reason might be because the temperatures were fairly chilly (although not too chilly, it was typically above -10°C). Apollo had to wear snow pants to school everyday, but there wasn’t a lot of snow to play with (and not enough to build a snowman or go tobogganing).

There was one week where Apollo didn’t have to wear snow pants, and that was when we spent a week in Nevada/Arizona visiting Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon (although the Grand Canyon was cold enough for snow pants). The trip was alright, but not noteworthy. Otherwise, this month was a typical winter month where we tried to find indoor activities for the kids since they couldn’t go outside to play.

Apollo started skating this month. He didn’t attend classes but rather just hung onto our arms. He doesn’t have a lot of stamina to skate a long time, but is able to pick it up fairly quickly using us and pylons. He can stand and shuffle a few steps by himself, which helps our backs since we don’t have to hold on to him all the time. It’s going to take awhile before his cruising around the rink though.

I played a couple of games this month, mostly spending my time on Star Trek Timelines. It’s not a great game, but it appeals to the OCD collector in me.