Recently been bemused about how couples or single people without kids wonder why their friends with kids don’t hang out with them anymore. It’s a natural divide that happens and I think a lot of the time the without-kids believe that new parents are just too busy. I guess that’s true part of the time, but I think the reason is a lot simpler than that. Kids just don’t want to do what their parents and their friends used to do!

Most of what our friends used to do tend to do revolve around a couple of things. You can have gatherings where you sit around and talk (at someone’s house, at a bar, at a restaurant). Surprisingly, kids find this super boring. Or you could appreciate some cultural event like a concert, museum, play, movie etc. Kids can’t appreciate the culture and thus finds it super boring.

Maybe you will do some sort of activity like rock climbing, bike riding, or hiking. This one is a twist because kids probably don’t find it boring, but they’re just not capable of doing those activities yet. Maybe you’ll go travelling instead (kids can walk and see sights). Unfortunately, walking around is boring as is sitting around a car/plane/bus to get to your destination (super boring).

Basically everything that an adult might enjoy doing is super boring for kids. And when kids are super bored, they will be super annoying! That’s why we no longer spend a lot of time doing the things that we used to do – we find new activities to do with the kids, and hopefully some of those are not super boring for the adults!