I hardly blogged this month and I guess my reason is because I was busy with a lot of vacation planning for the summer. We didn’t have a vacation last year because Jovian was being born, and the year before that, we took Apollo to Asia. This year, we’re going to take both kids with us to Europe and it’s logistically difficult since this is the first time for us to try this sort of undertaking. Looking back, travelling with just one baby must have been a breeze! We’re heading over next month so we’ll see what happens.

We had one week of really hot (summer weather) but the rest of the month was fairly moderate Spring weather. I didn’t have Victoria Day holiday this month because I was working on a US schedule, but I had Memorial Day (the week after off). We didn’t go anywhere special, just a short day trip down to Niagara Falls. It was surprisingly busy, I guess a lot of Americans came over to take advantage of the 1:1.20 exchange rate.

We also have been planning to fix our backyard (i.e., remove grass and make it usable). That has been proving to be a challenge as we couldn’t decided between patio stones and decking. We finally embarked on the decking project at the end of this month though, so hopefully we can enjoy our backyard this summer! One side effect of this is that our backyard is mostly covered in dirt right now, so I’ve only had to cut the grass ones (hopefully that’s all for this year).