One of the goals I set for myself for my Always Taeyeon app is to try and grow it better than A Healthier Commute. I already had a head start because the topic had more fans and audience, but I wanted the app to be “successful”. Of course, I set the normal hobby rules for the app (e.g., not paying for any promotion).

It’s been almost 2 months since I released and I’m pretty happy with the results so far. I’m at about 1300 downloads and a 4.4 star rating with 59 reviews. Obviously I want the download count to be higher, but I think I’m doing pretty well given that the only “promotion” I’ve done is post about it on a couple of Google+ and Facebook groups.

The statistics I’m most keen about now though is Daily Active Users. My app is high quality in the sense that the photos are high quality, but also in the sense that it is maintained well. So there are frequent (photo) updates. In fact, if there are new photos I try to engage with the user every day via a status bar notification. You can’t turn those notifications off – if you want them off, then you don’t care about the photos anyways so just uninstall the app. I’m not convinced that that is affecting my uninstall rate though as my install rate is a decent 42% (~570 current installs).

But does it have an affect on my DAU? I think it does. Here is a graph over time.

It is a nice trend as it is going up and to the right. I think my DAU is pretty impressive though as it is about 71% of my current installs! It’s so good that I’m kind of skeptical that the current install number is incorrect – although I haven’t released the app on other stores, maybe users are just passing around the APK.