Now that it’s been about two weeks since the CODE grand finale, I figure it’s about time to catch up on the press releases and see where I made it into the press. Of course, as I was not the winner and only runner-up my limelight is limited, but there were a few spots.

I was of course in the official government press release and the blog about the winners. XMG Studios, one of the sponsors of the event, also put out their own press release.

I made it into the University of Waterloo daily bulletin both before the finale and in the recap of the finale.

There were also a couple of new stories that basically re-wrote the government press releases with some official pictures from Facebook. Here’s one from Betakit and one from the Ontario Centers of Excellence and another from TechVibes.

I also did an interview (before they announced the winners) at the grand finale with CTV, and CTV did some reporting of the actual event and winners. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find that online; maybe it never aired! Too bad.