August was a slow blogging month for no reason in particular. I just didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about topics to blog, so never ended up writing a lot! September is also going to be pretty sparse for reasons to be later explained

We had a reprise from the summer heat for about half of August – it was pretty nice and you sometimes even needed up a coat at night! But summer came roaring back at the end of the month to remind you that it’s still a few weeks until fall.

I bought a new computer and spent the early part of the month getting used to it. Everything is fast and snappy since the machine is very close to top-of-the-line at the moment – except Eclipse, it’s still takes a long time to build. I am guessing that is Eclipse’s problem and not my machine…

I had my monthly trip to NYC for work near the end of the month. Then I returned with a week left in August and we had to hurry to get organized and pack for our Asia trip in September.