I already complained a lot about Nonis’ moves this off-season, but that was just a rant. There are a lot of other moves that I thought were dumb:

  • Re-signing Colton Orr for another 2 years – I don’t think we need an enforcer on the team to be tough. We need to be tough to play against. So signing Colton Orr for another two years doesn’t seem to make sense to me (plus he’s already earned his pension).
  • Re-signing Kyle McLaren for another 2 years – same as above, but now redundant because we already have Orr!
  • Trading Bernier for Scrivens, Frattin & a 2nd rounder – Bernier has more “potential” than Scrivens but who knows which one of them may turn into a superstar (perhaps neither). This is counter-balanced by the fact that our goaltending solution just got more expensive and complicated (no outright #1) and we lost a solid & cheap third liner in Frattin. This move might turn out to be a win for the Leafs, but so far it’s a dud.
  • Letting MacArthur go – MacArthur was a good, skilled player for us. He made his teammates better and took good shots. It would have been better (and cheaper) to resign him than to resign Bozak
  • Signing David Clarkson for 7 years – Ever since Burke took over, he has wanted this guy on the Leafs. Now we finally have him, but the cost is that he’ll be here until he is 37 y/o. For a bruising, power forward type of guy; I don’t think he’s going to hold up that long and we’re going to regret this deal. I’m not happy with the amount of money either – would rather have Grabovski instead!

As you can see, these are all moves that I disagree with, and think are detrimental to the future of the team. This makes me sad and maybe I will just stop being a fan for a few years.