The last games of the Stanley Cup final happened while we were in Calgary but I was able to see the final two minutes when Chicago scored and then celebrated their Stanley Cup! I was happy for them as they have a more entertaining team than Boston, and had a great record this season, so deserved to win. Unfortunately, I thought that Boston had a better makeup and would have won the cup instead.

My prediction record this year 9/15, and if you went with “all favorites” you would also have a record of 9/15; so basically that was a wash. This was slightly better than my record of 8/15 from 2012 but basically I don’t think I do any better than average.

The Free Agent period and draft are coming, so we should see a lot of transactions. I’m not really that excited though, because the Leafs have already made some moves and I’m not happy with them at all. Maybe I’ll blog about them once more have been completed.