Toronto made the headlines around the world this month when Rob Ford was rumored to be captured in a video smoking crack cocaine – I even saw a report in an elevator when I was in New York! Naturally, the entire Toronto media was chasing and covering this story during most of their air time. The story was also fueled by the fact that the owner of the video wanted $200,000 to release the video (with an online campaign run by Gawker raising money), and that one one of the people in the video was shot and killed around the time the news of the video came out. The fallout including 6 staffers (so far) resigning or being fired for the mayor’s office. The story is still going and we don’t know whether Rob Ford did or did not smoke crack (he hasn’t outright denied it).

When I was watching that, I watched a hockey playoffs on CBC. Because of the lockout, the playoffs are going really late into the year, we’ve only gotten to the conference finals by the end of May!

I made my monthly trip to NYC but this time, Pauline and Apollo came with me. On one day, Apollo went on his first: boat ride, plane, got his first stamp in his passport, monorail ride, train ride, and subway ride! That’s almost every form of transportation there. The weather was better (warm but not too much) so we went to a couple of parks in Toronto during the weekend and started taking photos again.