Last year, when I bought this Eyki watch, I started researching the Chinese watch company. They made some decently designed watches, and one that caught my eye was their Hamilton Ventura “tribute”. The Ventura is an iconic watch because it’s shaped as a triangle – even if you’re not a watch fan, you might recognize it because it is the watch that the MIB wear!

It’s not a counterfeit but rather a tribute because while Eyki gathered inspiration from the Ventura, it bears its own name and design. However, it is clearly modeled after the Ventura so I’m not sure how they can get away with it (maybe they are protected because they are in China). Anyways, I wanted one so I bought one on Ebay for about $60.

After I received it in the mail, I was a bit perturbed by a few things:

  • The case height is really high, especially compared to the surface area of the watch
  • The band sucks (no surprise since it came from China) and I ended up buying a couple of bands (one metal, one a better leather) but it still didn’t look or fit right on my wrist. I think the fit of the bands were thrown off because the watch is so small

I ended up putting a NATO strap on it and it’s wearable. I still think it’s cool, but the execution is lacking. Of course, I wouldn’t spend a couple of hundred on a real Ventura so I’m not losing out.