I have an ebook reader and I hardly read on it (or books in general), yet I am itching to buy another ereader. If that’s not techlust, then I don’t know what is!

Well actually I have good (and justifiable to me) reasons why I should buy another one. The Kindle3 that I have is great and all, but it has a keyboard which makes it longer (and thus bigger) than it needs to me. It’s a bit too big, although it still fits into a coat pocket. The problem is that I don’t always bring a coat with me, and in fact I would love to get (another) one which fits into my jeans.

I don’t think my phone satisfies my need because if I read for say an hour on it, then I’m draining the batter too much – which has a strong negative impact if I actually need it. I also don’t want a 7″ tablet because it’s too bulky and heavy.

So instead, I’m looking at the Kobo Touch and the new, cheapest Kindle. They both go for around $100 and are smaller/lighter than my current Kindle3. I actually like the Kobo Touch because its firmware/software is more appealing – it has achievements and statistics! Both are also around $100 too so I won’t feel too bad when I inadvertently sit on it.