Surprisingly, I’ve never been to a Raptors game before even though I grew up in their demographic (i.e., asian, 20s) when they were good. To be honest, while I did watch basketball in the past, it just wasn’t as interesting as hockey so I never pursued it as a spectator (and you can’t really say it’s because the Raptors weren’t very good because, well, look at the Leafs).

This all changed this week when I went to not one, not three, but exactly two games! Why did I go to two? well I had a group discount that eliminated the fees (take that Ticketmaster), and because the Raptors have been doing so poorly at selling out, I received two free tickets for buying >2 tickets as part of the discount. Good deal, I love free tickets!

It was good for the Raptors because they ended up winning both games that I watched. The first was a Sunday evening versus the Washington Wizards which was great because I at least knew a player on their team (John Wall). The game wasn’t very close (Raptors were leading by 15 in the 4th quarter) but the Wizards made it interesting in the last minutes by coming within 3. It was also entertaining because there were several alley-oops! I don’t think crowd yelling DEFENSE had any effect really. The Raptors ended up winning 99-92.

I also went to the game after that, and it wasn’t so good because the Raptors were playing the Bobcats and I knew exactly 0 people from that team. I think the most interesting thing that evening was a TV timeout game where two people tied together via a bungee cord had to reach opposite ends of the court. The game itself should have been more interesting because the Bobcats were within 1 point in the dying minutes, but I just have no compelling in the sport. In any case, the Raptors won 97-82 for their first two game winning streak at home since 2010. I think they need to pay me to be their good luck charm in the future.