Before I quit my old job, I gave my old laptop backpack back because it was all broken (Targus bags apparently do not last – it became all frayed from being brought to work in a car for a few years…). I didn’t know what would happen after I started at my new job, would I get a new bag? Would I even need to carry a laptop to-and-from work.

Well the answer is no to both, and really all I needed to bring to work was my lunch (I don’t even need an umbrella due to my short commute). For the first few weeks, I had been using my MEC backpack, but it’s felt a bit odd because I don’t have much to fill it with and it feels like I am travelling with tags and a compass dangling from the back.

So I started shopping around for a bag for work. I didn’t want to get an all leather bag because it just feels too serious at this point – it’s not like I am working at a bank or firm. I ended up deciding on this Fred Perry bag.

Luckily for me, when I was looking for a bag, Fred Perry was having a sale so the price went down from £45 to £22.5. Unfortunately it would cost £12 for shipping and I may be hit by the 17% duty and HST which would end up setting me back about $100 for the bag!

Instead, I started looking for options and happened to find the same bag on Ebay. I ended up buying it there – it was a bit more expensive (about the same after shipping) but at least I didn’t have to pay customs or duty on it!