Remember I blogged about these horrible Steve Maddens shoes back in March of this year. Well I’ve been wearing them for the last few months – not every day as I switch them up for runners or other colors some days – and they are just as bad as I describe them. It seems silly to just throw them out though, so I’ve been wearing them until they wear down.

Now when I say wear down, I mean the fabric; due to weather or dirtiness etc. I haven’t worn down the sole of a shoe since I was a little kid! I can’t say that anymore though, I’ve worn this pair down. As a kid, I would sometimes wear down my sole so the at the heel there would be holes. The same thing happened here; except with these Steve Madden clunkers, I wore down the toe part as well! The front part has no more tread either! I’ve never done that before.

I can understand if I wore this pair of shoes for a long time, but I’ve been wearing them for less than a year! I also haven’t spent a lot of time walking in them (I do most of my working on vacation and wear other shoes there). These are just, for the second time, very poorly designed shoes made from low quality materials. Don’t buy Steve Madden.