Before I started working on Condado, I had ideas of making an Android client for Urban Dead. I didn’t really pursue it because there was no API, and frankly I’m tired of screen scraping.

Well I did start making it this month, although I’m not too excited about it. I just put up a basic framework so that it would work, and then published it on the Android Market. I’ve gotten a couple of bad comments about it, because of bugs and lack of functionality, but those are just annoying because the users obviously didn’t read the description saying that it was a technical preview!

I think this might be a long term project to add all the little parts of the game into the client; perhaps when I’m more enthusiastic about the idea. But really I just wanted another game where I could start up and play for 20 seconds while I’m waiting. That’s a perfect scenario for playing as a zombie in Urban Dead. I can start it up, walk around and chew on a couple of things.