When we went to Japan, I wanted to eat sushi yes, but really I’m tired of the usual stuff that you can get a sushi restaurants here in Canada. So my aim was to order and try weird things that you can’t get here (and that my stomach could handle). Here are some:

This was the first sushi that we had on the trip, which was bought from a train station in Mitaka I think (on the way to Ghibli museum). The inner two are scallop and I forget what the outer ones are.

This one is roasted duck. I don’t know if it actually was rare but it wasn’t too memorable.

Squid is fairly common, but this one is special in that they put some mayonnaise on top and the lightly seared it. I don’t like mayonnaise so either it is because it is Japanese mayonnaise, or how they prepared it, but I didn’t mind this!

This is lightly roasted beef I believe. I guess this is like your steak.

I’ve never seen or knew this before until I saw it on the menu. It’s herring roe and was pretty good! Doesn’t it look like a pear slice??

Finally the weirdest sushi I had was horse. I didn’t order this, but some Japanese people who were taking us around ordered it. The light colored one is horse neck and I forget what part of the horse that dark color one is from (actually I might not have had tried that one). The neck was chewy!