One day in Tokyo, we headed down to Akihabara with the intent to go to a maid café. Although we did some research beforehand, we never wrote down the addresses of the “cool” ones to go to. So we just walked around and were hassled by maids on the street suggesting that we go to this one or that one (although some turned out to be massage parlours).

Instead of listening to their suggestions, we decided to go into a random one which didn’t have anyone advertising on the street. It turned out to be this one. There was nothing too special about this one, having gone to other maid cafés in the past. The one unique thing that this place had was that you could watch meals prepared by “your favorite rabbit”, or if like us, you didn’t have a favorite rabbit, you could just see it being prepared. That actually was a scary experience.

The food wasn’t that great, and although I tried to order the unique items on the menu, they didn’t come out to decorate your dishes. We ended up ordering a spaghetti whose sauce is supposed to be a rabbit

and a dessert

As you can see, they are pretty generic.

Although researching for this post, the café we went to seems to be pretty well known. At least there is a TV segment on it.