Rilo Kiley’s Portions For Foxes is one of more recent favorite songs. As my musical tastes have grown (i.e., I moved into liking singer-songwriter), I’ve started listening to the lyrics of songs much more. And it’s the lyrics that make this song a 5 star song in my iPod.

My current interpretation of the song is that it is mostly sung from the perspective of a girl who has a crush on some guy. She knows that she has a crush, but she also knows that she shouldn’t pursue a relationship with him for whatever reason. Then later, when she sees the guy, she becomes a (food) portion for the fox who can take advantage of her crush. But what does she say she’s bad news?

But as with the best of songs, there is a certain vagueness to the lyrics so one can never be certain that their interpretation is correct. Every time I hear it, I re-evaluate and evolve my interpretation of the song. That ability to engage me, plus the fact that the music is catchy and balances well with the lyrics makes this a fantastic song!

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