Coke is trying to pull a fast one over you and I and America. They’re introducing a new Coke mini which is in a smaller can and I guess hopes to stem the tide of obese teenagers from toppling over the – ok never mind I guess it will already be broken by then.

This new Coke mini is going to be 7.5oz and provide only 90 calories. Perhaps the most noticeable thing is that the can no longer bulges out a few millimeters below the rim. Hey wait a minute, that looks familiar.

<does a quick conversion and a lot of searching>

Back in the olden days, pop cans were only 280ml or 9.5oz in size and I remember seeing some cans in this size in my travelling the last few years. That’s a touch bigger than the new 220ml/7.5oz ones but I don’t think it’s a revolution; we’re just moving from fat back to normal sized cans. Besides, serious pop drinks drink from bottles. Or 32oz fountain drinks.