I had heard a lot of praise for Pan’s Labyrinth’s cinemography but in retrospect I was let down by it. From what I heard, I thought that this movie was about a child that descended into a world of fantasy in which all sorts of weird characters came out to scare the audience. Instead, Pan’s Labyrinth was structured like an action movie, with only 3 action CGI scenes.

Even though the movie seemed like a child’s movie, there was an ever present theme of war. The movie took place in 1944 while the Spanish army was putting down a rebellion. It was an odd contrast to have a child’s fairy tale over this dialogue on civil unrest, and they were only loosely together until the end.

I think Pan’s Labyrinth is overrated and only two out of five. Also it didn’t help that everything was in Spanish and I had to read the subtitles, is this how the film is supposed to be? I could blame PacMall because my Iwo Jima copy is purely in Japanese too.