Pauline was browsing through the magazines in our room, and there were two mentions of a restaurant called Rouge Tomate. The niche is that they have a philosphy of S.P.E. which means “health through food”. I originally thought that it was environmentally related, but it’s more about the preparation and sourcing of food. I guess it’s a bit like eating organic and other green ideas, so maybe that was why I mistakenly thought it was environmental-related. Either that, or because the bill was recyclable!

We tried going here twice, the first time we were thwarted because they were doing a special event with lots of film crews. I guess they were recording more promos to convince tourists to eat here! We received complimentary bread, with spinach-almond dip! That was new and unique. Our waiter spoke quietly so I didn’t catch what he said, I sure hope it was spinach, and not toxic goop from Three Mile Island.

My main course was also from a nearby Island. The Long Island Duck was again unique. There was a spring roll made with duck! I think this was $33USD.

I didn’t think that Rouge Tomate was that special, but maybe it was because I didn’t care about SPE and it was a bit expensive. Although I could just not be used to NYC prices. As a bonus, we received some trail mix/cereal to go!